If you eat food, there’s a high probability that at some point you’ve eaten a product that’s come from Idaho Equipment and Sheet Metal (IESM) equipment. In 1982 Ron Jensen started IESM in Rupert, Idaho. In 2012 Shane Kloer, Bud Jensen and Justin Young bought the business, and with the foundation work laid by Ron, have been expanding into their niche market ever since, allowing them to build an additional facility in Nampa.   

IESM is a one-stop shop for custom food processing solutions for food manufacturers. From the beginning of an idea to installation, IESM works with their customers to design, engineer, machine and fabricate equipment to be installed in food manufacturing facilities both locally and across the globe.

“We take pride in the continuous improvement process we’ve developed to provide a quality work environment for our employees and products for our customers,” states Bud Jensen. “From remodeling our building, to providing a good work culture, to embracing the latest technology, it all ties together. If we can do 1% better than the day before, that adds up every day and compounds year over year, and we’ve seen the positive yields it brings to our company.”   

Recently PMT was able to build our fiber optic network out to IESM, and the company jumped at the chance to connect to PMT fiber Internet and upgrade their phone system to keep improving their communications.  “Now we can seamlessly connect to our office in Nampa,” states Kloer. “In a matter of seconds, we can transfer large files between our offices as if they were next door.  There’s no wait time or lost productivity.” 

PMT is happy to be able to help IESM continually enhance their communications and run efficiently as possible.