BUSINESS Spotlight:  St. Nicholas Catholic School

St. Nicholas Catholic School has a long, rich tradition of promoting academic excellence, encouraging spiritual and character growth, and fostering a sense of community and service to others. Established in 1958, the school has grown over the years to currently serve 170 students in pre-school through 6th grade.

As the only fully accredited private school in the Mini-Cassia area, St. Nicholas Catholic School serves the entire community and incorporates the schoolwide expectations of faith, Learning, and Service into their daily teaching and practices. Students receive excellent academic instruction based on state standards, as well as Spanish, Music, PE, and Faith instruction.

In partnership with PMT, the school has fully integrated technology into their curriculum. Student learning tools include 1:1 devices powered by PMT’s fiber-optic Internet. Each child at St. Nicholas has access to a device that’s connected to Wi-Fi to help them in their learning.

As enrollment at the school continues to grow, St. Nicholas is expanding into nearby facilities. To make communication systems, technology, and the Internet work seamlessly between the buildings, PMT connected the campus with fiber-optics and new cabling. This will serve the new expansion as they open a new library, computer lab, administrative office, and Spanish classroom and allow for future growth.

The school has also relied on PMT since their opening to provide the most up-to-date phone systems and for dependable phone service. Additionally, PMT has installed flood sensors in the basements of the buildings and maintains their server.

“In the world of education, technology is wonderful. It allows us to better help students on an individual basis,” states Colleen Johnson, St. Nicholas Catholic School Principal. “We rely on PMT as a technology partner to help us power learning and operations, and to stay connected to students, teachers, parents, and staff.”

PMT is grateful to have St. Nicholas Catholic School as a customer, and if their students are any indication, the future looks bright.