Each spring, we include information about a service called Digline in our customer newsletter. And each spring, we have buried utilities damaged that could have been prevented with one toll free call. Digline is a free service available to anyone who is planning on doing digging of any kind. It requires a phone call to 811 or 1-800-342-1585 two working days before the digging starts. Digline will notify any participating utility companies who may have buried services in the area, saving you the time and trouble. A list of the entities those notifications will be sent to is provided to the customer at the time of the call, so you know who may have utilities in the area that you can expect to locate.

If you would like more information about the service Digline provides, or the laws and policies related to excavation in Idaho, you can visit their website at www.digline.com. You can also request a locate via that same website, and get answers to frequently asked questions.
Remember, the excavator under Idaho Code is “any person who engages directly in excavating”. So, if you are the one digging, even if it is for someone else, you are responsible for making sure that the locate request is called in before the digging starts, and for the cost of any damage that may occur if you don’t. Please, dig safely and wisely, and be sure to call Digline at 811 or 1-800-342-1585 first.