PMT is proud to announce that $226,839 was approved by the Board of Directors to be paid out to the cooperative’s members. Project Mutual Telephone Inc. is a non-profit cooperative that pays dividends back to customers based on the Board’s discretion in regard to their annual net revenue. PMT is the only communications company in the area that pays its customers back. Over the last ten years, PMT has returned over 3.5 million dollars to its members. The more services used by each member, the larger their patronage check. This year’s dividend payment will be issued in December and represents a portion of patronage earned in 1996 and 2019.


“We are grateful for our member customers and their support. Without our members, we do not exist,” states PMT Board Chairman Dan Lloyd. “We are proud to be able to return this money to our customers. When we’re successful, our customers enjoy the rewards.”


Checks will be mailed the first of December. For those members receiving dividends in the amount of ten dollars or less, the credit will be applied to their December bill.