This spring, PMT and Minidoka Health Care Foundation each donated $2,850 toward the purchase of a new Full Matrix Speed Trailer. This trailer has a reader board that shows up to 3 lines of text and a radar system that can remind people to slow down with a pre-programmed message and allow them to track data such as speeds and traffic count.  “The benefit of this trailer is multi-faceted,” says Lt. Rob Cobbley. “Of course, the traffic metrics is a great tool, but it also allows us to force-multiply by having a device that will curb speeding without having personnel on the ground in the same area. In addition, it can aid in identifying problem areas. We will also be able to use the trailer for other events where additional information may be needed such as directions, parking, or events coming up. We will use this trailer in and around our county as needed or requested as available.”

PMT’s CEO, Dan Hoover, said, “PMT is very happy to partner with our local communities, counties, and other organizations such as the Minidoka Health Care Foundation. PMT has been part of the Magic Valley for over 100 years. We are committed to helping our local communities and counties purchase equipment such as this Full Matrix trailer along with the Minidoka Health Care Foundation for the Minidoka County Sheriff’s Department.” 

We love seeing our community progress and find new ways to improve.